"I love the freshness, flavour and crunch. You can’t get more local than my own restaurant! "
Chef Jonny Blonde
Hamilton, ON
"I can’t believe how easy it is to grow microgreens! They’re delicious and I’m definitely hooked on growing."
Toronto, ON
"I never imagined I could grow anything. Now our plants are already twice the size they started. It’s been a good experience for us and I feel proud of our success."
Brampton, ON
"I’m from Kenya where I always had a large garden. Now I live in an apartment where I sometimes grow a few things on my balcony. I’m so happy my son is learning important life lessons from his Grow a Seed garden."
Brampton, ON
"My class of 12 - 16 year old girls absolutely loved the growing - even thought they don’t like eating vegetables. The program was a beautiful catalyst for my teen girls to talk about health and bring it to life."
Rana Alomani
Kuwait City, Kuwait
"300 parents and students showed up to learn how to plant - the most parental engagement we’ve ever seen. It was a powerful experience for our community."
Principal at Agnes Taylor Public School, Brampton, ON