"Whenever I Groove with Dani, it's always the best thing I've done all week for my mind, body, spirit, and sense of unity and purpose. It's a full- body meditation set to fun music in an atmosphere of joy and absolute acceptance; the heart-centred workout you don't even know you're getting!”
Leslie Phelan
Toronto, Cananda
"Dani is passionate about teaching people to live an empowered, healthy lifestyle through movement and growing their own food. She truly lives what she loves. You can't help but be inspired when you're around Dani."
Holly Wade
Nebraska, USA
"Thanks again for providing such an amazing program to our children. Dani's love of dance and teaching shone brightly today. She was fantastic and adapted to the needs of our classes when we asked her too.The students loved grooving!"
Jill Tremblay
Cambridge, Canada
"I hosted Dani in Kuwait because I saw how powerful The Groove for Kids program is - it gives kids permission to be more creative and expressive. I see with my own students how empowering it is for them to GROOVE."
Rana Alomani
Kuwait City, Kuwait
"Dani inspires students to strive for excellence and, at the same time, enjoy themselves as part of the learning process. Her energy and commitment are infectious and she infuses the learning environment with warmth, joy and a sense of fun."
Florence MacGregor
Toronto, Canada
"Dani is very dedicated to her work. She lives to inspire and help people develop through movement and awareness. I myself found that she gave me the guts to trust in my qualities to succeed. Dani continues to be one of my mentors and I am so happy to know she is here for me. "
Pernille Bitsch
Copenhagen, Denmark